Piece of Sheet, Lizard King speak out against surveillance programs

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Following the recent revelations on the extent of government surveillance programs, Insite requested the discussion of the issue by the KSU Kummisjoni Politika Socjali (KPS). KPS subsequently announced a call for applications to form such a committee. In light of all this, Insite have asked a number of anonymous publications run by University of Malta students for statements regarding this important topic:


‘The Piece of Sheet’ (TPOS) find such revelations to be ‘deplorable’ but wonder whether anyone was really naïve enough to believe that the current high levels of technology ‘wouldn’t be exploited for the forces of subversive eves-dropping’. Despite their concerns, they predict widespread public apathy as a result of the majority of the population not feeling that they have anything to hide when utilizing phone networks. Consequently, the outlook for the few liberal campaigners who are actually taking a stand looks bleak. TPOS close their statement by stating that, despite the futility of it, they are ready to ‘jump at the opportunity to campaign against this issue, because it would be the right thing to do’.


‘The Lizard King’ consider such surveillance programs to be ‘dirty’ and ‘intrusive’ invasions of privacy. They believe that privacy and dignity are basic human rights and should only be curtailed if the people involved are ‘up to something evasively tricky’. They stress that people conducting immoral but legal activities, such as having an affair, are justified in wanting to keep such information fully concealed. They conclude their statement by raising concern that ‘an unscrupulous government could use [surveillance programs] as a tactic to try and intimidate or suppress potential opponents and/or whistleblowers in order to hide illegal activity on its part’.


Newly launched Facebook page ‘Illuominati’ and ‘The Third Eye’ were also contacted to provide their own statements but they did not respond. 

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