President Coleiro Preca: “From charity to solidarity”

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In a bid to boost active student participation in voluntary and social events, the ‘Kunsill Studenti Universitarji’ (KSU), and the President of Malta, Marie Louis Coleiro Preca, invited members of all student organisations for a brainstorming session at the Verdala Palace on Saturday.

Two members from each student organisation, including Insite, were invited to discuss how to get more teenagers and young adults to participate in the welfare of society. Through a series of talks and workshops, several ideas were presented.

“Both KSU and the President share a common dream of maximising the student effort in such a cause,” KSU President Gayle Lynn Callus said. “If we extend universally this hand of friendship and solidarity, we will all benefit, rather than just a select number of people.” Callus also made clear that this initiative was not a mere financial one, as that ‘could only lead us so far, but not far enough’. Rather, he said that is through the active participation of teenagers and young adults that initiatives can go further, with the aura of solidarity increasing “two, even threefold.”

“This is not going to be a KSU initiative; rather, this is a way in which a holistic, all-inclusive plan stratagem can be developed; for all students, by all students,” Callus said.

Meanwhile, Coleiro Preca said that the amount of cancer patients who are in need of the help of the Malta Community Chest Fund has doubled in the past decade.

“I did not come here to discourage you,” Coleiro Preca said. “Rather, I am here to tell you that there is work to be done, and I have no doubt that you, the future leaders of tomorrow, are more than up to the task.”

She also spoke about the recent news concerning her ordering the removal of several advertisements from the annual Istrina.

“All those who are vulnerable need dignity and solidarity, not pity,” Coleiro Preca said. “That is why I ordered the removal of those ads. People should donate for the sake of love, and not because of pity and/or guilt.”

Both Coleiro Preca and Callus described the event as an ’immense success’, as a large number of possible activities and ideas were brought up to the fore of discussion. These included a sharp increase in outreach activities, more emphasis on the Xmas on Campus initiative, celebrity endorsements for charity and even the possibility of a fixed monthly donation by each student from his stipend income.

Insite were represented by sales and marketing officer Michelle Grech and editor Matthew Charles Zammit.


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