Pulse criticizes SDM ‘irony’

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Pulse have criticized fellow student organization SDM (Studenti Demokristjani Maltin) for their press release issued earlier today. In this press release, SDM had expressed disappointment with Pulse for organizing a meeting with the President of the University of Malta Academic Staff Association (UMASA) without consulting the student body beforehand. They also accused Pulse of indirectly defending the academic staff rather than the student body.

In a statement made to Insiteronline, Pulse stated that the reason behind their communication with UMASA was to ensure that “all students’ rights are given the absolute importance they rightfully deserve”.

Pulse also pointed out that it is “ironic” for SDM to accuse Pulse of not taking the side of the students when it “repeatedly chose to protect the University Administration in a number of issues”.

Pulse closed their statement by saying:

“Indeed, it seems that SDM has forgotten that last year, it called the Legal Studies issue a “public outcry” and stating that “such actions will only serve to instill negative relations between students and the university administration, something which can have negative implications for all”. On the other hand, Pulse remains focused on its main aim of proving that students’ rights be considered as the solid bedrock for any negotiations and discussions, both presently and in such future cases.” 

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