Pulse- Essential to strengthen ‘channels of negotiation’ with UMASA

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  • KSU President Gayle Lynn Callus “100% sure” that the directives are still in place and urges all student organisations, including Pulse, to unite.

Pulse organized a formal meeting with the University of Malta Academic Staff Association (UMASA) President Prof. Matthew Montebello today. In a press release, they described the meeting as one that “continued to strengthen the channels of negotiations with UMASA which the organization believes is essential in helping to resolve the dispute.” During the meeting, Prof. Montebello shed light on the UMASA’s position which is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible without any repercussions on students. Prof. Montebello also clarified that negotiations with the Ministry for Education and Employment are set to resume on the 22nd of July. While Pulse believe that such discussions are essential to any possible resolution, it also claimed that, if no such solution is found, it will consider “taking all necessary measures to safeguard the inalienable rights of students”.

Last night, Pulse issued a press release describing an informal meeting held between Prof. Montebello and Pulse President Matthew Zerafa. According to their press release, Prof. Montebello informed Zerafa that “all lecturers represented by UMASA are committed to respect the deadline imposed by the current Collective Agreement to send their results to their respective faculties.” However, an anonymous source later tipped Insiteronline to a press release jointly issued by UMASA and the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT). Under a sub-heading entitled “Directives for University of Malta/Junior College from 4th July 2014”, the unions said that all academics at the University of Malta are “to withhold all non-final year Undergraduate results at UoM and JC”.


In a statement made to Insiteronline, KSU President Gayle Lynn Callus said that he has spoken to both the UMASA and the MUT and he is “100% sure” that the directives are still in place. He urged all student organisations, including Pulse, to unite in order to tackle an issue that concerns the entire student body.

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