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In yet another identical launch (the fourth of its kind in under a week from both organisations) Pulse presented their electoral program on quadrangle.

Pulse candidates during the launch

Pulse candidates during the launch

After a slight delay, the candidates took their place at the stand, and candidate for KSU president Clive Gerada came forward to divulge their proposals.  The cry for better student representation in KSU was yet again prevalent in his presentation.  Gerada also highlighted how most of the proposals were formulated and compiled  the “Setting Priorities” seminar organised by Pulse.

Clive Gerada addressing those gathered for the launch

Clive Gerada addressing those gathered for the launch

The  most noteworthy proposals at this point in time were the following:

  • An audit for security cameras in the car park

“Over the past few years, there have been quite a number of accidents and hit and runs, in which the perpetrators remained anonymous due to lack of security….with this audit, we can gauge in which parking areas we would be able to put these security cameras”

  • Two organisations days a year

“Organisations day should extend to sixth forms around the islands in order to target the students that will soon be entering the University”

  • Increasing KSU’s environmental credentials


  •  Outdoor study area, including power outlets
  • Better representation in Junior College

“Working for the introduction of more subjects at A level such as PE, European Studies, Legal Studies and Psychology”

  • A more effective KSU events planner

Stay tuned for our in depth analysis of both manifestos later on today! 

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