Pulse launches new drug decriminalisation campaign

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Earlier today Pulse launched its new drug decriminalisation campaign, an issue currently subject to national debate. In a press release, Pulse claims that “the aim of this campaign is to encourage debate on such an important social issue, especially in view of the upcoming publication of the White Paper which will eventually be leading to drastic reforms in the law concerning personal drug possession, among other aspects.”

The student organisation reiterated it believes that students are major stakeholders in such issues. Pulse aims to urge debate on the issue of drug decriminalisation “with the aim of providing a clear picture to the Government and legislators on what students’ opinions are on this matter.”

Furthermore, Pulse states it “will be providing an opportunity for students to get better acquainted with the facts and figures regarding this subject, but also and most importantly, the human realities behind a term which has unfortunately become a buzzword associated with controversy.”

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