Pulse launches KSU Election Campaign

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Earlier today, on the same day as KSU’s Annual General Meeting, Pulse launched their campaign for this year’s KSU election, which will be themed “Paving the way together” (“Infasslu triqitna flimkien”).

When seeing the fully equipped main Pulse stand on quad for the first time this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the strikingly similar design to that of SDM.  All candidates’ photos are tiled in squares with adjacent squares showing their name and the office they will be contesting for. Even the back drops for the photos are the same.


Pulse seem to have abandoned all elements of red, orange and maroon, so that their new logo and even their polo shirts for this campaign are blue.

The proceedings were initiated by Pulse President Matthew Zerafa who vouched a “continuation of representation by the eleven candidates representing the organization in the upcoming election”

“With their candidature, this group will be taking their already strong representation to higher levels… The slogan ‘Paving the way together’ allows us to continue to strengthen that which is already beneficial to the student, but at the same time to improve other areas which are slacking such as student representation, investment in education at the University and other such problems which need to be addressed”

Matthew Zerafa during his opening statement

Matthew Zerafa during his opening statement

Unlike that of SDM, Pulse’s launch also included the KSU office each candidate would be vying for.  One cannot help but wonder whether this will work against Pulse in the long run, owing to the fact that SDM can now adjust the roles of their candidates prior to the AGM (where candidates are nominated) according to their direct competitors.

Pulse’s Candidates for this year’s election are the following:

Cleaven Portelli – International

Michele Cardinali – International

Julia Farrugia – Culture and Entertainment

Kyle Civelli – Culture and Entertainment

Thomas Bajada – Education Commissioner

Mina Tolu – Social Policy

Simon Polidano – PRO

Jana Pace Cocks – Financial Officer

Paul Caruana Turner – Secretary General

Robert Cachia – Vice President

Clive Gerada – President

In his first speech in the campaign, Clive Gerada stressed the importance of student life on Campus, and that the students should feel part of KSU.  He also stated that KSU should reciprocate and give back to the student.

“This team is made of a number of students who were student representatives who were in constant communication with the student body.  They all know the problems, complaints and issues which need to be solved as soon as possible.”

“We are going to conduct a positive campaign.  We are going to recognize the good that was done by KSU.  There were things which improved the student’s life on campus.  We will continue to strengthen these things and continue to work on them… Our manifesto will only contain tangible and realistic proposals”.

Clive Gerada's first statement as an oficial Pulse candidate

Clive Gerada’s first statement as an oficial Pulse candidate

The launch came to an end with a closing statement from Zerafa thanking all those who attended.

Stay tuned for further updates during the election and join us for our AGM live blog!

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