PULSE to present Education Act reform proposals

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Pulse President Matthew Zerafa, interviewed on ONE Radio said that the organisation will be presenting its set of proposals for a sustainable educational policy in the light of the recently announced Education Act reform.

The student organisation has been consistently voicing its concerns and highlighting the need of having a “forward-looking policy which has students’ interests at its heart”.

In its proposals, Pulse underlines the importance of having future generations which constantly fuel competitiveness. “Issues such as poverty, social exclusion, and lack of opportunities for middle and low-income families must form an integral part of an upcoming education strategy.”

By putting forward these proposals, which shall be presented to the Minister of Education Hon. Evarist Bartolo in the coming days, Pulse shall be encouraging the Government to take care of such issues “through a proper legislative and institutional framework.”

One thought on “PULSE to present Education Act reform proposals

  1. kurt chetcuti says:

    how about some proposals such as online learning for those who work and have no time or means to attend a full time course? and also one should enforce the importance of artisan education since it gives artisan oriented youths (and even adults) the opportunity to contribute to the economy and society. Proposals such as: more specialised part time courses than those currently offer by MCAST.

    There are people out there who wish to optimise their skills on work thus earning a better wage, more dignity and respect in their sector and society. Besides, the artisan industry is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean region. Lets cultivate these skills and not let them rot in history books.

    thanks and keep up the good work.

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