Pulse responds to Legal Notice suspension

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In a statement made to InsiterOnline, Pulse revealed that it has been following the issue concerning LN76/2014 for quite some time and that it has held direct communication with the Ministry for Education. In fact, in informal discussions held between the organisation and the Ministry, the latter had clarified its position that the aim of the Legal Notice was effectively to aid in the formulation of a more effective policy which caters for students who unfortunately tend to disappear from the radar of educators. Pulse agrees in principle with the need for such a strategy, but also fully recognizes the need to strike a balance between these requirements and the legal provisions protecting the personal data of individuals, especially in the case of minors.


Therefore Pulse calls for an alternative, voluntary system of data gathering with the consent of students’ parents or guardians. In particular, it believes that ‘the time has come to carry out an in-depth scientific study on the issues concerning our educational system, including the possibility of a school census to get a clear snapshot of the current social reality in the classroom.’ Pulse are confident that the Government will be soon announcing alternative measures to LN76, and they intend to follow up this issue with all concerned authorities, who undoubtedly have students’ best interests at heart.

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