Pulse unveil 2014 campaign slogan

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A long term vision for KSU was the focus of discussions during the annual Pulse conference ‘Setting Priorities’ – an exercise which seems to have become a standard for both political organisations in the run up to the KSU elections. At the end of the event Pulse President Matthew Zerafa launched their official campaign slogan ‘Paving the Way, Together’ whilst KSU unveiled the date of their AGM – Wednesday 2nd April.

Pulse secretary General Chris Vella kicked off the conference by highlighting that students need to better understand what KSU is there for, and that it was up to Pulse to see what the vision for KSU should be through consultation with the student body.

KSU representative Gayle Lynn Callus, rumoured SDM candidate for the upcoming KSU elections as president, pointed out that ‘…some things are working, others aren’t but KSU is elected by the people and can only do so much’.

The issues that were frequently brought up during discussions were the need for a long term vision for KSU, issues relating to accreditation, better access for the media and the need for a more organised student body. Issues such as problems related to parking, difficulty finding sponsorships, and difficulties relating to attendance of events were also brought up.

Clive Gerada (Għ.s.l) also brought up the issue of disorganisation when it came to a common position citing the Legal Studies issue as an example where three different positions were given out by three different entities, claiming that ‘KSU cannot always be on the side of the administration.’

Aegee representative Chris Frendo highlighted the need for more quotas, such as gender quotas, to be placed on KSU in order to make it more representative. He also cited the importance for KSU to be transparent and accountable with issues such as the Board of Discipline, finances and access to the media being of prime concern. He also pointed out that it’s unjust that students are being exploited as interns just because they need to obtain a warrant.

In his address Matthew Zerafa highlighted that there is a need for a long term plan which would remove the ‘Pulse vs SDM mentality’ and highlighted the need to reduce conflicts between the two political organisations. KSU needs to act as a medium of empowerment to other organisations. He also pointed out that the limitations of KSU need to be identified and resolved.

He then shifted to the need of revamping the political system. The idea of ‘opportunizmu’ (opportunism) needs to be eradicated where people who are good for KSU are scared to contest for KSU elections. A platform backed by KSU is needed where students can evaluate the current electoral system. He also highlighted the need to do this with KPS as well and to see whether these issues can be resolved.

‘Paving the Way, Together’, Pulse’s official slogan for the KSU elections was then unveiled in a press conference held after the conclusion of the event. Mr. Zerafa explained that this represented the fact that all that was spoken about throughout the year and in the past will be represented throughout Pulse’s electoral campaign. ‘It’s as if students own their own (electoral) campaign’. On being queried by Insite on the significance of the mentioning of the ‘Proportional Representation’ system throughout the conference, he confirmed that if elected Pulse will fight for its introduction to ensure a fairer system.

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