‘Careers in Science’- An S-Cubed initiative

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Last Saturday, the Science Students’ Society (S-Cubed) held the talk ‘Careers in Science’, the first ever of its type. In it, graduates from the Faculty of Science who have started their work experience or who are carrying out postgraduate studies in science, spoke to a hall of around 100 students who sat for their A-level exams last May about the different science courses offered by the faculty.

The four speakers were Mr Michael C. Grech (B .Sc. Chemistry with Materials), Mr Eman Mifsud (B.Sc. Chemistry and Biology), Ms Anna Pulo (B.Sc. Physics and Maths), and Mr Andrea Fenech Adami (B.Sc. Maths and Statistics). They spoke about their respective courses, gave advice to those students who are interested in following them, and gave a clear picture of the current job opportunities that follow them, both in Malta and abroad. All of them emphasized that an active student life enhances skills such as time-management that will help them when searching for a job. They also encouraged youth exchanges and ERASMUS+ opportunities.

S-Cubed President Stephen Vella concluded this event by outlining the objectives and main events carried out by the student organization, including such popular educational and social events as ‘Science in the City’ and the ‘Annual Science Seminar’ which this year will hit its 10th edition.

Any prospective science student who wishes to contact S-Cubed for further information regarding the courses offered by the Faculty of Science or any other help with regards to preparations before and during the first weeks of University is more than welcome to contact them on

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