S-Cubed’s new executive board launched

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Following the election and subsequent meetings, the new executive members of S-Cubed, the Science Students’ Society at the University of Malta, have now all been delegated to their respective offices:

President – Steve Vella

Vice President – Alexander Hili

Secretary General – Thomas Bajada

Financial Officer – Elena Schembri

Public Relations Officer – Jonathan Pulis

Activities Coordinator – Simon Agius

Activities Officer – Matthew Spiteri

Science Communication Officer – Anita Farrugia

Education Officer – Brandon Seychell

Social Policy Officer – Karl Chircop

International Officer – Marija Cini

Student Relations Officer – Valentina Gauci

The aim of S-Cubed, as stated in the official launch of their new executive board, is “to make a difference, to strengthen the foundations of our existing sectors, and to improve on the more established ones”. They will be augmenting on what the past executives have accomplished and will continue to boost the position of their society on Campus.

They intend to expand as an organisation throughout the year, especially with regards to student relations and education. They are already drafting plans to include members of the Faculty of Science in activities that they believe they will find appealing, in an effort to promote student involvement. They will also place more focus on public events, such as the ‘Science in the City’ programme due to be held at the end of summer, since they consider such occasions to be excellent opportunities for widespread interaction that spark scientific interest in people. They insist that their objectives can only be achieved if the twelve executive members work as one for this common goal. As a closing message, S-Cubed announced that “as a group, we can reach our aims and promise a term of representation, events, and unity within the Faculty of Science”.

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