SDM launches 2014 KSU Election Campaign

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On Tuesday at 11am, SDM launched this years campaign entitled “Int… Fic-centru tal-hidma taghna”.

A healthy crowd dominated by Student’s Fest cast and crew and the usual SDM faithful gathered on quad to witness the launch.  Also present were former Health Minister Joe Cassar and Malta Right Now journalists.

President of the organisation Joseph Grech initiated the proceedings with an opening speech in which he officially introduced the candidates:

“We think that this is the best team that one can hope to have to represent students in KSU… SDM always contested these elections with a cry for renewal at the centre of its campaign.  What this means is that from time to time, KSU should always remain relevant to the students.”

“The perfect mixture of experienced candidates who have already been in KSU last year, such as Becky and Gayle Lynn, together with other new candidates, will result in a KSU which can keep evolving in the right direction.”

“As always, we do not aim for this campaign to be one which is done simply for the election.  We would like a continuous campaign of representation which carries on well into the tenure of the next KSU.”

Gayle Lynn Callus giving his first speech of the campaign

Gayle Lynn Callus giving his first speech of the campaign

The candidates were all clad in their blue polo shirts, except for Gayle Lynn Callus, who will be contesting for the role of President.  He immediately apologized for having outgrown the Medium size. Conveniently, the Pulse steel structure that will be transformed into their stand was moved as soon as he was about to give his introductory speech, which meant we had to wait a few seconds before proceeding.  This was met with an awkward silence.

Callus explained how he was not convinced about contesting until he saw the strength of the team at hand.  Like Joseph, he emphasized the need for a “new era of student representation where the student is always the centre of everything KSU does”.

“SDM in KSU over the past few years, has always had the same motive.  To be the voice of the student… I can assure everyone that this team is fully prepared to work to its fullest capacity if elected”

Although SDM will not be releasing the specific roles of the candidates until after the AGM, we can now confirm that the candidates will be:

Gayle Lynn Callus

Mark Grech

Rebecca Camilleri

Steph Dalli

Andrew Muscat

Francienne Muscat

Kenneth Terribile

Andrew Borg Wirth

Daniel Vella

Alistair Baldacchino

Steve Sammut Alessi

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