Update 2: SDM in favour of “discussion” on gay adoption. Pulse reacts to comments.

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In a recent press release SDM claims it believes that “the answer” for the recent developments with regard to the current issues of Civil Union and Gay Adoption, “is always found in civilized dialogue rather than a petition which has the aim of stopping all discussion about the subject.”

SDM “strongly believes in equality and equal rights, notwithstanding the belief that children’s rights are of the utmost importance and all discussion should centre around the rights of the child.”

The student organisation called for constructive criticism, mature discussion, always keeping in mind the rights of the child.

After having received a comment asking for more clarification for the comments published SDM said “We believe the above statement is clear enough in the sense that the issue at hand is about the importance that such issues are discussed thoroughly in a constructive manner so as to ultimately be in a position to take stands which are in line with SDM’s fundamental beliefs which are also stated in the above statement; and which include equality and equal rights and the safeguarding of children’s rights and needs.”

SDM also said that a report concerning these issues will be published in the coming days. It claimed once more that constructive criticism and discussions are needed. These “should not be shot down by irrational petitions to take these important issues off the agenda”, retorted SDM.

When pressed for an answer on  whether SDM in favour of gay adoption and civil union, Ian Zahra, SDM Secretary said “we believe in respect of equal rights but we will issue a report in the coming weeks.”

In a comment given to Joseph Masini, Secretary General of Pulse, said that “Pulse is completely in favour of Civil Unions and adoptions since the right to family life is a basic human right which must never be tampered with. We are completely in favour of tolerance and equality, and while discussions are healthy, we believe that such rights should never be compromised.”

2 thoughts on “Update 2: SDM in favour of “discussion” on gay adoption. Pulse reacts to comments.

  1. Francesca Borg says:

    I’ve lately noticed that the articles published by Insite have become more amateur and less professional, and have also seemed rather biased. I strongly encourage the admins remember that their job is to deliver information to students and not act like hooligans, little cry babies, and gossip queens on campus.

    • Julian Caruana says:

      Thanks for your advice Francesca Borg. We will update the article once again once SDM have released an official stand on the civil unions bill and on the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

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