SDM: “Youth Guarantee Scheme a step forward”

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SDM has shown its approval to the newly announced Youth Guarantee Scheme which aims at reducing youth unemployment. The Scheme will be allocating €2 million benefiting 350 youths.

The Ministry for Education, Youth and Employment explained that 350 youths will be receiving €1,440 in the form of individual education programmes aiming to help increase these youths employability. In a statement released SDM said it “believes that this Scheme is a step in the right direction in combatting youth unemployment in Malta, which evidently is on the rise, following numbers that show that Youth Unemployment has risen from 13.6% in January 2013 to 15.3% in January 2014.”

SDM appeals to the Government so that priority is given to creating the proper framework so that students remain in their formal education. SDM believes that “the Youth Guarantee should not be taken as being the ‘automatic’ gateway to employment for early school leavers. Priority should be focused on encouraging youths to further their education experience in post-secondary and tertiary levels.”

SDM stated it is also worried that “this Scheme is targeted for a group of 350 youths, when the total rate of youth unemployment exceeds 5,000, according to recent figures published by Eurostat.” It encouraged the Government to create equal opportunities for the rest of the youths who will not be benefitting from the Youth Guarantee Scheme.

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