Simon Busuttil signs KSU petition

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Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil has added his name to the online petition issued yesterday by the University Students’ Council (KSU). Over 2,300 signatures have been collected in the past 24 hours.

Busuttil appealed to the Government to always keep the interests of students first.

In a statement, he said that students must “never be used as a political ball, especially at such a sensitive time as now when they’re waiting anxiously to see whether the sacrifices they had made throughout the past academic year will bear them fruit”.

The KSU petition urges the entities involved in the financial negotiations to move forward. If an agreement is not established by July 31st, the deadline for University staff to administer the publication of results, KSU declared that it will organise a student rally.

The petition directly addresses Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Education and Employment Minister Evarist Bartolo, the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) and the University of Malta Academic Staff Association (UMASA).

Many students are still waiting for results, that have not been published due to the industrial action initiated by MUT and UMASA at the beginning of this month.

According to the online poll carried out by Insite on July 15th, 84% of students are yet to receive their results.

One thought on “Simon Busuttil signs KSU petition

  1. Chris says:

    The definition of irony falls short on this lad

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