Simshar – The Film: Q&A

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The Simshar Q&A event, hosted by Eyeskreen in collaboration with Cinemalta, held yesterday at Europe House in Valletta was definitely worth attending. From listening to the five speakers to watching exclusive clips from the film Simshar, it was a very interesting and well-organised event. The event opened up with the Simshar trailer and with exclusive behind the scenes footage, which then led to the questions from the audience.

Director and co-writer Rebecca Cremona and Line producer Simon Sansone discussed their personal experience of creating such a feature film. They gave insight to what it takes to create a feature film in the local film industry including all three steps; pre-production, production and post-production. They both discussed the challenges faced and solutions to certain obstacles, for instance filming in the water tank during Winter and getting funding for the film itself.

Both Rebecca and Simon highlight the importance of having a wonderful and supporting team. In fact, they stress that without a team this film would have been impossible. The actors Claire Agius and Jimi Busuttil emphasise it too, and also explain why it is always great to have a director like Rebecca – a director who knows exactly what she wants and gives clear instructions to the actors while still allowing space for their acting style to bring the characters to life. They also explained the importance of rehearsals to the audience and how they help the actors prepare for the shooting whilst also sometimes resulting in changes being made to the script.

Daniel Lapira who is the film editor of both the film and the exclusive footage, was also present and when asked whether or not he usually goes on set to see the filming, he answered that from his experience it is better to stay away from set since it could influence you while editing. Rebecca also adds that it is important for the director and editor to work together as there are various possibilities of how the story could eventually unfold when editing. In fact, she advises aspiring directors to learn from her experience – for example it is possible to leave your favourite scenes out but still convey the message through the use of other scenes.

All five guests state that working in the film industry is no easy task but it is definitely worth it, if one is truly passionate about filmmaking. Commitment is another key factor in this industry because and perseverance it what gets you through. Like everything else, there are also ups and downs and it is up to you to decide which road to take.

Rebecca Cremona is, without a doubt, an inspiration to anyone who wants to become a director. With her own style as well as along with her team, she has created what promises to be a touching film based on real life events. One of the exclusive behind the scenes footage proved this as people on set were asked to describe Simshar using only one word. The keywords used were hope, amazing, emotional, touching, and in a way the viewer could silently understand that this was a once in a lifetime experience and a journey for all those people involved as part of this production.

The event was free of charge and the people were encouraged to give a small donation which totalled up to 142 euro in aid of Puttinu Cares.

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