Student’s Fest off to a flying start

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Last night marked the first of three performances which will be taking place this weekend.

The winning formula of mixing a popular musical with political satire and comedy has featured again this year, and it seemed to go down well with the audience.  One would not expect anything less from a title such as “Hercules: the Legend of Citta di Nanza”.

The character of Phil, played by Celaine Vella, seemed to go down especially well, especially with the completely new interpretation given to her by the script writers. Her energetic performace kept the audience on the hook and her acting skills gave the whole musical a colourful stroke.

Other highlights were the “Mulan Dance” and the five muses (Gilbert Gauci, Lisa Mifsud, Sarah Cannataci, Karen Decelis and Mmartina Farrugia) all of whom interpreted their parts very well. However, one couldn’t help but notice the richness and texture in Lisa Mifsud’s and Martina Farrugia’s voices. The chorus parts were very well synchronised and the effect was quite soothing. Pain and Panic (Keith Zammit and Paula Mintoff)’s quiproquo was also well received by the audience, leaving them helplessly in fits of laughter.

Zeus (Luke Hili) and Hera (Julia Camilleri) together with Hercules (Matteo Depares), Megara (Becky Brincat), Hades (David JR Meilak) and Pegasus (Ilenia Gatt) also did a fantastic job.


Insiteronline spoke to KSU Culture and Entertainment Officer Gayle Lynn Callus, who also produced the show.  Callus played the part of Pumba in last year’s production of #LionKink, but seems to have settled comfortably into his more administrative role.

“The first show was a success.  We are extremely happy with the outcome especially since we had just a bit over a month in which to put up the production.  The first performance was extremely encouraging and bodes well for tonight and tomorrow’s shows.  We received some very good feedback which is always good to hear!”

“There were some minor technical issues in the first act, but these were soon ironed out.  This probably had something to do with the large number of microphones being used by choir and main actors (twenty six in total), together with a live band and other stage microphones, which are not easy to co-ordinate.”

“This year’s student’s fest features one of the largest casts ever, with 220 students taking part.”

The show was followed by the traditional cast party on quad. As always, the party was blessed with the presence of soon to be Pulse and SDM candidates.

Ticket sales have also been extremely high, with all shows almost sold out.  The last few tickets can be purchased from 


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