Students Outperform Industry Teams in Programming Competition

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Teams of current and future ICT professionals went head-to-head in a 48-hour programming competition organized by the ICT students’ association two weeks ago. Second year ICT students Aaron Axisa and Samantha Catania clinched the winning prize for the student category, also outperforming Ixaris Software, winners of the Industry Category.

Themed Game of Codes, after the increasingly popular HOB television show ‘Game of Thrones’, this year’s competition tasked teams with creating a program to approximate a flat origami shape using a number of instructions which involved moving, rotating and folding a rectangular paper.

During an awards ceremony last Sunday, a team of judges composed of ICT lectures presented the various solutions submitted by students as well as a number of unexplored solutions – as judges announced the winners for both categories, they were also happy to note that the student category winners scored higher when compared to the industry category winners.

Aaron Axisa and Samantha Catania took home the prize for the winning solution in the students category, with Team Programoids, composed of Brandon Birmingham, Andrew Sammut, Matthew Muscat and Sean Galea placing second. On the other hand, Ixaris and 6PM placed first and second respectively within the industry category.

Photo: Emmanuel Buttigieg

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