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On Monday evening, TDM 2000 held a press conference in the Common Room, followed by a reception in order to launch the #tdm10challenge.

President Duncan Muscat initiated the proceedings by introducing tdm2000, which means “terra di mezzo”. The organisation was born in Sardegna, Italy.  It means Midde Earth and its motto is “to increase active youth participation in society on a local and an international level”.

Interestingly enough, tdm2000 Malta was one of the first stepping stones for the organisation becoming a globally recognised non-governmental organisation. tdm2000′s main activities include organising international , career-based or charity exchanges in foreign countries.  The organisation has also been involved in various charity initiatives over the years including three major projects, among which they raised awareness and collected funds for the construction of the play grounds at a home in Zabbar.

A mixture of UOM students and exchange students were present for the launch

A mixture of UOM students and exchange students were present for the launch


Angelica Perra, one of the founders of tdm2000, was also present and spoke about the organisation and how it started. She expressed her delight at being present and highlighted that this was an important moment for the whole network since tdm 2000 Malta was the first external branch to be established.  She said that tdm2000 Malta is the only branch which takes part in charitable initiatives, and commended the executive board for their work over the years. 

Next up was vice President Owen Bonello, who introduced the new concept for the organisation, which is aiming to collect 10,000 euro for charity. tdm2000 Malta was founded 6th March 2005  and the challenge is part of the 10th year anniversary celebrations. 

Matthew Carbonaro then proceeded to divulge the details of the challenge.  The 10,000 euro will be split between three beneficiaries: St Joseph Home, Angela House and the Malta Hospice Movement. Representatives from all three of these organisations were also present and gave short presentations on their work within the Maltese society.

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