Two turtles freed after 9 month rehabilitation

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Nature Trust Malta today released two loggerhead turtles back into their natural environment, after 9 months of treatment at San Lucjan Centre in Marsaxlokk. Both turtles, called Monster and Neil, were cared for by volunteers of the NGO’s Rehabilitation Unit.

Weighing 47 kilos, the first turtle was found with a hook in its mouth, and was medicated to remove a nylon fishing line from its intestines. The second turtle required 7 months of cleaning and vitamin provision after it was found covered in oil and malnourished.

Over 140 turtles have received treatment at the Marsaxlokk centre, which can take the form of therapy and at times surgery. Medication for these and other turtles is acquired through funds from participants in the Adopt-A-Turtle campaign.

After 22 years of safeguarding animals, Nature Trust plans to set up the first wildlife rehab centre in Malta.

The NGO’s President Vincent Attard said that this is “the way forward” in protecting various endangered species such as turtles, chameleons and hedgehogs.

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