Unconventional Oscars raise the bar

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The highly anticipated Oscars ceremony did nothing but what we have come to expect from the academy awards, in its incredible eighty sixth annual event being hosted for the second time after seven years, by the return of the brilliant comedian Ellen Degenerese, who truly kept all the nominees and guests at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles entertained throughout the evening.
The first award of the evening went to Jared Leto, actor and band member of ’30 Seconds to Mars’, for ‘Best Supporting male Actor’ in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, which was followed by an inspirational acceptance speech which went from thanking his mother and brother to encouraging all the ‘dreamers’ who are currently engaged in many political struggles in Ukraine and Venezuela.

Following, Pharrell Williams took to the stage, in yet another Vivienne Westwood mountain hat, to perform, what is becoming an iconic song on the island, ‘Happy’. Although this being the first of a number of performances throughout the evening, this was particularly memorable for we saw Pharrell walk through the audience dancing with several actors such as Meryl Streep.

‘Frozen’ then won the award for ‘Best Song’, for the popular ‘Let it Go’ which then went on to win the ‘Best Animated Movie’ category. ‘The Great Gatsby’ also won two awards, for ‘Best Production Design’ and ‘Best Costume Design’.

The ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award went to Lupita Nyong’o, for her outstanding performance in ’12 Years a Slave’. She then took the stage to a standing ovation from the entire audience, including fellow category nominees Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts, where she delivered an emotional and heartwarming speech, “So much joy in my life is due to so much pain in someone else…when I look down at this statue I hope that it reminds me and every little child that no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.”
Ellen appeared once again to perform her duties of host, this time with the aim to take a selfie with a few of her friends in the audience which broke Twitter’s Record of most retweeted picture, and with over two and a half million tweets.

Whoopi Goldberg took to the stage, having won her fair share of Oscars and having hosted on numerous occasions she is no stranger to this ceremony. She raised her skirt and revealed her striped tights and shiny red shoes, celebrating 75 years of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ whilst also introducing Pink to the stage with a mesmerizing rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.

‘Best Director Award’ took ‘Gravity’ to an outstanding seven Oscar haul, having won numerous awards through the entire night most notably ‘Best Film Editing’ and ‘Best Cinematography’.

Ellen truly got people buzzing with her next idea; being worried about the audience getting hungry, she ordered a few pizzas and gets the delivery guy to help her pass them round. Everyone started digging in, especially power couple ‘Brangelina’.

Numerous other performances went on including the Karen O’s ‘Moon Song’ and Bette Midler’s ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’. Of Course there was also ‘U2′, who performed their song ‘Ordinary Love’ in a simply arranged acoustic version, which does the song much justice. This being followed up by the wickedly amazing and glass-shattering performance of ‘Let it Go’ by Broadway legend Idina Menzel.

Daniel Day Lewis took to the stage to present the award for ‘Best Female Actress in a Leading Role’, which went to the Cate Blanchett for ‘Blue Jasmine’, she took the stage in a standing ovation but quickly told the audience to take a seat as they are way “…too old to be standing”.

It was then ‘Hunger Games’ star Jenifer Lawrence to make it to the stage and present the award for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’, which went to Matthew McConaughey for his role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. He started off by thanking God, that taught him that “…gratitude reciprocates”.

Will Smith took the stage to present the final and the most coveted award of the entire ceremony, ‘Best Picture’, which went to ’12 Years a Slave’. Brad Pitt Accepted the award and presented the person, who in his words made it all happen, director Mr Steve McQueen who brought out the message of this year’s ‘Best Picture’, which is that everyone deserves to not only survive but to live.

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