10 reasons why studying at the UoM is a good idea for some

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Having graduated last year, this is going to be my first year without exams. In a weird of way, I actually kind of miss these times. Having read Johann’s sarcastic article on the downsides of studying on campus. I couldn’t help but feel the need to reply after having spent so much time doing exactly the opposite.

Here are my reasons why studying at the University of Malta can actually be beneficial to the student:

1. You actually have a social life during desperate times. You comfort each other, share a joke as to why you’re going to fail BIG time in your exams, and get to know new people who you’ve never met from different course.

2. As the library opens early, it’s perhaps enough motivation to wake up early and start studying early. Perfect if like me you used to cram everything in 2 weeks.

3. There are lockers at the library and in Students’ House these days. Plus all you need to get with you to University during exam times is a laptop and maybe a book or two anyway.

4. Be at the library early and find a place next to a study buddy. Sure you might not start studying right away but eventually you will both set a schedule and get your priorities right.

5. Now that KSU has introduced the Common Room study area initiative, you have the option to try and study there. It’s 1am, don’t expect to study much, unless you’re used to doing it. If not, you have the option to go home earlier and you know….sleep at home.

6. These days students have far greater choice of restaurants than there was three years ago. With the Health shop, you can at least try to be healthy. A better and cheaper alternative would be two slices of bread from home!

7. At home, you might be tempted to go to so many coffee breaks. Too much coffee isn’t good enough for you anyway and the fact that you have to walk to buy a coffee on campus, makes it an experience. Take a break, go say hi to that girl downstairs, and enjoy the sun for at least a few minutes outside.

8. You might be less tempted to log onto Facebook every two minutes at the library as everyone will start judging you if you do. Some people still do it….but hey it’s your choice.

9. Up for a break? Go for a walk around campus. I know it’s not close to being the most beautiful place on earth but would you go for a walk if you are in your pyjamas at home?

10. Exam time is an experience on Campus. You make new library buddies, get to know your course mates, discover new rooms around campus, and live the University experience for at least a few days.

It’s not for everyone, but it worked for me!

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