What are we able to do and to be?

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I answer for myself, you answer for yourself, she answers for herself. This is not individualism: this means understanding where is it that we are going with our life and what kind of path we really want to undertake in order to shape our significant future.

Life equals opportunities; it’s a gift and we are all entitled to build something upon it. It entails challenges, failures, victories, defeats. It can be the best experience you can have or the worst one: all is dependent on what you do with it.

Energetic attitude, uplifting state, enthusiasm to never stop- these are the qualities that will make your life unforgettable. Persevere. Results are there, waiting for you. Not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. Patience and willingness. You know that you will manage.

If you really dedicate all you have to transform that area of your life in which you think you can succeed, keep on doing it.

Faith is there supporting you; the tangible outcome of your effort is there waiting for you. It’s not far; it seems such only for the person who’s doing something without purpose, no ideas, no real reason to live. And that is not living, that is letting yourself live.

Answers are plural, are not valid for all your life, they change constantly. Identify the ones which are suitable for you and go after them. Nobody can stop you, except for you. What is useful, and can help you in becoming better, take it; all the rest doesn’t count; it’s just a distraction, a waste of energy.

Commit yourself, understand the real significance of your existence and develop it. You are powerful, you can do whatever you want if you have discipline, if you respect yourself, if you respect others, if you believe in what you are doing.

Life is a discovery, a long avenue that we are asked to follow in order to find who we are and what we need to do in this world. Self­-esteem and a willingness to continue to live are given by the comprehension of what kind of shape we have to attribute to our life.

We are young, we are possibility, we are the future. Let’s do the most we can.

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