10 Reasons why you shouldn’t stay at UoM to study

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I’m not saying you should hibernate in the comfort of your home every time you have a break between lectures. But when you try to study at University, as I personally did during my first year, and realize you’ve learnt more from your fails rather than from actual revising, you kind of crave your own bedroom desk.

1. You don’t want to completely lose the last threads of social life you have left. Therefore, you decide to organize a study group. Face it, this plan is only successful in movies about American high schools. In reality, after spending what seem like hours to find the ideal group studying place, it’s only a matter of time until you start doubting yourself constantly when your friends ask you about their difficulties.

2. Ok, don’t organize a study group. By elimination, the only other option is booking a place at the library at 8am (even though your next lecture is in like 4 hours). But once you’re there you will start to doubt whether you can ever regain your social life, instead of trying to focus on your work.

3. UOM’s library is the most common yet unreliable studying place students endure. First, you have to find a locker and try to bum €2 off someone because you don’t own any change. If that fails, you end up leaving your possessions out in the open for anyone who feels like nicking them. It’s not like the library receptionist is the most reliable security guard.

4. Then comes the worst bit, finding a place in which normal human beings can actually immerse themselves for the next couple of hours. If you find a desk with a charger, you’re literally the luckiest person alive on campus. Unfortunately, the best you’re going to find will probably be the floor. Be thankful that at least it’s carpeted.

5. Maybe studying at University during the day whenever everyone is there isn’t the best idea. Want to try late night studying in the common room? Good luck with getting through even half of what you’re planning to cover. A comfortable room with air-conditioning, unlimited coffee and friends to comfort you can only result in procrastination mode level 100. And have you thought about whether you’ll even have enough strength to drive back home after that all-nighter?

6. If you want to have a ‘hot summer bod’ that is beach ready for after exams, you definitely will not benefit from the selection of food you can consume which is located nearby, and which doesn’t cost a fortune. And I’m not just talking about salted pizzas. Your diet will literally only consist of pastizzi, burgers and crepes.

7. Coffee is a student’s best friend. So imagine your distress when the machines to your nearest reach are either out of order, or decide to steal your money. You then have to actually drag yourself to the canteen. Or else carry around a thermos with you like some eskimo roaming around campus.

8. After some time stuck at University studying, it is understandable that the only form of communication with the outside world you will be able to indulge in would be social media. But at our University this is taken to a whole other level, where you will become surrounded by people capturing selfies and the constant sounds of Snapchat notifications. #Breakdown.

9. After all that planning and running around, you discover you have claustrophobic tendencies when in an enclosed space trying to study. It won’t be hard at all to find a green area where you can go instead. But apart from the comfortable spots in the shade being filled with other people most of the time, be careful of bugs, crumbs, broken or wet benches, and possibly bird poop.

10. In conclusion, if the library is full, the green areas are no longer green, IT services is closed and do not even consider the canteen as one of your possibilities, you should just go home and get on with it. Leave University to lectures, it’s already boring enough as it is.

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