ELSA vs SACES Waterfight – NoComment

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Once again, student organisations ELSA and SACES held their annual waterfight on Thursday the 7th October, during Freshers’ week. It is a recently established tradition, which truly brings to a whole new dimension the meaning of the phrase ‘wet and dirty’… Continue reading

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The IC Weekend 2010

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Which event has brought together 300 University students and 20 media professionals in the last three years? The IC Weekend, of course! And now, YOU can also be part of this magic-making experience.This is your chance to get creative, make your mark on the media industry, improve your skills and get in touch with experts in the local media scene. It is also a chance to meet other participants interested in media, making important contacts and great friendships.

What exciting changes can you expect this year?

[+] This year, the IC weekend is a Degree Plus certified study unit. You have the option of paying the Degree Plus fee of €15 to have your participation recognised on your transcript.
[+] The workshops will be more of a simulation of a real work environment. That is why we shall be focusing mainly on three media sectors: Journalism, Photography and Video.
[+] The sessions will be spaced out in such a way to allow more free time and the chance to mingle during the evening social events.

The price for attending the event is € 90 (smart-card refundable) on a full board basis including:

[+] Friday – Dinner at Cave Forest
[+] Saturday – Breakfast, lunch at Hardrock Cafe, dinner at Cave Forest
[+] Sunday – Breakfast, Lunch at Hardrock Cafe

[+] 2 parties, one party includes drinks

[+] Transport from University to Baystreet Hotel

In order to apply for The IC Weekend, you can fill in the IC Weekend 2010 – Application Form and hand it at the Insite office (located near NSTS in Students’ House), including a deposit of € 25 (inclusive of total fee of € 90) and the deadline for applying is 1 November.

Office Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00-14:00
Apply now for a fun and informative conference, with INSITE.

Mobile – 79268119
E-mail -

Facebook Event

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